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Hey Boo.
I'm Alyssa.


Around 15 years ago I decided that wedding photography would be fun and beautiful so I'd try it out. Little did I know that this one decision would launch me into a super fulfilling career. Yummy cake every weekend doesn't hurt either.

Since then, I've learned to anticipate fleeting moments and document some of the most important days for over 275 couples. I have preserved memories that my clients can show their kids, and their kids' kids. Photographs are an heirloom that are passed down for generations.

My couples invite me into their lives to document their wedding days and then again year after year to capture their family as it grows and changes. I love watching your kids grow up. This is such a cool job. And so much more rewarding that I could have ever dreamed.

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My philosophy


Weddings are so much more than pictures. They're about you being present with all of the people that you love and love you back. The smallest moments can be the most important, and I'm here to help you relive those moments.

My story


On July 10, 2015, I married my best friend, Adam, on a downtown rooftop in the pouring rain in Kansas City. Fast forward to now and we've made a life for ourselves with our two boys, Beau and Rudy. Basically our everyday is crazy and wild and absolutely adorable.

My Values


Romantic, artistic, humor, memories, inclusivity, celebration, kindness, joy, un-repeatable, exciting, emotional.

This is the foundation of my business. My goal is to always bring love and light to every single wedding and session.

My Vibes


If you’re looking for someone to get that photo of you and your friends shot-gunning a beer on your wedding day, the crazy one of you scream singing to Taylor on the dance floor, and that small, but so so important moment with you and your grandma, then I’m your girl.